In all honesty, the idea of owning a wedding venue wasn't initially within the foresight. However, upon encountering the sheer natural splendor of this property, we found ourselves simply captivated. Enchanted by the grandeur of the sprawling trees, the serene allure of the lake, the pristine beauty of the surrounding forest, the quaint charm exuded by the chapel, and the awe-inspiring spectacle of sunsets casting their radiant glow over the water, we felt compelled to acquire this property for our family. Serendipitously, it also boasted an event barn among its treasures…what a blessed bonus!

With my three beloved daughters embarking on their post-collegiate journeys, each equipped with degrees in Business and/or Marketing (Hotty Toddy!), I discerned the potential for something truly remarkable. Embracing the role of hosts for weddings and events has proven to be an extraordinary blessing for us, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving nothing short of excellence with every occasion we are privileged to oversee.

As a faith and family first team, we hold a genuine regard for all the intricacies of exceeding excellence & expectations. We operate not as mere purveyors of services, but as custodians of your dreams. In our eyes, you have entrusted us with the profound responsibility of ensuring that your special event unfolds flawlessly. It is a responsibility we embrace wholeheartedly, recognizing the opportunity we are granted to contribute to cherished memories.

Our Story


Karen Patton
Whitney Maloney
Event Manager
Amber Patton
Event Manager/Local Pour Bartender
Cortney Patton
Digital Marketing
Emma Atkinson
Ally Atkinson
Donna Jackson
Event Supervisor/Day-Of-Coordinator
Wendy Faulkner
Event Manager/Local Pour Owner
Cory Faulker
Local Pour Bartender


And the hard-working gentlemen, diligently working behind the scenes:
Richard Atkinson
Russell Atkinson
Parker Maloney
Edmond Betts